9/9 update - 8:55PM - TAM CANCELLED - FIRE RISK!

Well folks it's always been a threat and finally happened...Marin County fire just shut down Mt. Tam for fire risk, until 11AM tomorrow morning. The closure covers BoFax, Ridgecrest, and Pantoll road - most of the course as well as the descent. At 11AM it will either be lifted or extended.

We considered being optimistic and delaying the start, but 11AM is just the earliest time that gates to access these roads could be opened. We'd still need to set up the upper course and finish line. Even if we sorted that out, our permits and road closure aren't for that late, and the park staff won't be there past noon so the event would need to wrap up by then. It just won't work, unless they lift the red flag - speaking w/the fire station in Woodacre, that doesn't seem likely (won't be reassessed until the morning).

So sadly we don't have any option but canceling the race. We'll be speaking with the different permitting authorities to see if we can reschedule for sometime before the end of the year. Refunds, etc. will all be sorted out too...right now just want to get the word out...