Tam refunds (2011)

We've officially put to bed the 2011 Tam Hill Climb. There just isn't enough time left in the season to reschedule the event. USA Cycling will be processing refunds for everyone who pre-registered.
Some people have emailed to ask if this is the end of the event. We did take a big financial hit, because of some non-refundable costs and staff that couldn't be canceled given our late notice about the closure (it happened at about 7PM Friday). But the group that runs Tam has been doing it for a long time, and we'd built up some reserves to cover exactly this scenario...we'd missed a fire closure by one day some years ago. So we may be looking for some event sponsors next year - maybe even a red-flag-insurance kind of sponsor? - but we'll definitely be back in 2012, for the 2nd annual 50th Mt. Tam Hill Climb. See you in 2012!